How I Passed a Bar Exam Before Attending Law School

The magazine below (page 22, bottom-left) contains a short article describing how I passed a bar exam before attending law school:

“A Lesson in Lawyering”

Alec Drachenberg Mora ’19 interned with Blake Gross ’96 and Craig Haukaas ’84 at Craig’s law office in Ashland this past semester and summer.

While there, Alec applied for admission to the Red Cliff Tribal Court as a non-lawyer advocate, which means taking and passing the same bar exam required of attorneys seeking admission.

Long story short, he studied and prepared after hours with Blake and Craig and in early August, he passed and was admitted to practice.

Alec intends to apply to law school and serve as a lawyer in the United States Marine Corps’ Judge Advocate Division* upon graduation. “Working at Haukaas Law Office solidified my interest in the practice of law,” Alec said. Working with Craig and Blake gave me a much better understanding of what lawyering is all about.”

[EDIT March 12, 2021] My main goal is to become an environmental attorney. The next step is to attend and graduate from law school. I still plan on becoming a judge advocate (JAG) in the USMC once I’ve graduated from law school. I plan on writing a blog on this topic soon; why I believe being a JAG would be a good route for me.

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