Northland College Leading Nation in Sustainability!

When I applied to college in 2015, I only knew that my goal was to become an environmental lawyer. However, I did not know what I wanted to study as an undergrad. I did some research and became interested in the field of sustainability. However, I could not find many institutions that met my particular interest in sustainability. That is until I discovered an article by the Mother Nature Network, a version of which is still online.
I became enamored with the idea that I could challenge myself in such an immersive learning environment. I wanted to live and breathe sustainability, not just study it.

During my sophomore year, I became elected as a Sustainability Representative for the student senate. One of my responsibilities was to attend the Sustainability Work Group meetings. Some of the members included the president, the VP, the COO, sustainability staff, buildings and grounds, and certain professors. This position granted me access to some high-caliber discussions. These sessions had a significant impact on the sustainability initiatives at the college.

During my junior year, the Work Group discussed the need for a standardized evaluation of our sustainability initiatives as a college. We decided to undergo an assessment with the AASHE. Finally, at the end of my senior year at Northland College, the results were in- Northland was named first in sustainable curriculum and other criteria. Check out my quote in this article: I am so proud of what we, as the Northland community, have developed. I can’t wait to see what will come next!

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